We booked Cécile for the section's Christmas table after having her recommended by colleagues. She was professional and had prepared well. The performance was in English, adapted to an international audience. She took Norwegian culture to heart, in addition to the fact that she had several elements of DNV-specific jokes.

There was a good atmosphere in the room during the entire performance, and we received several good comments from the guests. She helped create "the best Christmas table in the section's memory".

We would certainly recommend Cécile Moroni for both Christmas parties and other events!

We chose to have Cécile at our dealer meeting/kick off after seeing her as a warm-up for Terje Sporsem's show at the Oslo Concert Hall.

She had a very professional approach. She had prepared well to bring out our latest car models, in addition she reinforced the presentation of our new brand in a humorous and original way, and told what it is like to work with Norwegians.

The result was a very fun, tailored and successful presentation where all participants (200 people) laughed a lot. We received very good feedback from employees and external parties after her performance.

We highly recommend Cécile!

"Under the auspices of Ringnes Lederforum, Cecile Moroni was hired as one of the features during the dinner.

The feature consisted of a stand up performance, and my immediate feedback is that she handled this in a professional, charming and funny way.

She had clearly done a lot of preparation in advance and interwoven our products and history in a good way. There was a lot of laughter in the hall and the participants thought it was a fun and good experience."

"We were very grateful for Cecile's wonderful slant on "Norwegian things" at the Christmas meeting of the National Audit Office's senior association on 20.11.17. Our members greatly appreciated Cecile's warm humour, and we had a good laugh at her very apt characterizations of many Norwegian peculiarities! Thanks again for a wonderful time with Cecile, it was a great highlight of our party!"

"Cecile entertained at DNT Oslo and the surrounding area's annual Christmas party in December 2017. We were around 60 colleagues of different ages and backgrounds who gathered this evening, where Cecile did a very good job of getting the whole group in a good mood with her witty observations , quick lines and incredibly funny stories. Cecile was accommodating in advance, where she met us and did thorough research to be able to arrange the material as best as possible. In this sense, she hit the spot with content and humor for this group. I would heartily recommend Cecile to others who want a warm, genuine, intelligent and insanely funny stand-up feature for their company party!"

Cécile entertained 70 people in Hamarøy on a dark December day. Within a few minutes, she had the whole audience laughing with her completely unique view of Norwegians and Norwegian culture. She quickly created a good relationship with the audience and had a commitment that filled the entire hall. The audience had a great time and the level of laughter indicated a fantastically successful evening.
Nordis Seel Tennes
HR rådgiver rekruttering og integrering / HR Advisor recruitment and integration

«Cécile led a panel discussion among alumni’s representatives of the biggest universities in France during an event organized by the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the French Institute in Norway. The event was in English and gathered around 70 guests.
We were happy to work with Cécile, she was professional and dedicated to her role . We appreciated particularly the fact that she asked for our expectations, listened thoroughly, and drove the event as we had wished for. She was also good at being authentic and spontaneous when it was appropriate during the panel discussion. All feedbacks from our guests were very positive and we think that we received highly valuable learnings from Cécile. We recommend her warmly.»



Cécile entertained at our party in connection with Air France's 90th anniversary celebration. She created a very good atmosphere and everyone was laughing. We received a lot of compliments afterwards from both guests and internal colleagues from home and abroad. We found Cécile to be very serious and spent a lot of time in advance tailoring and preparing a good show. The way she was able to tailor a program to suit our content was excellent. We can warmly recommend Cécile Moroni.

Sammen om en jobb had the pleasure to hear Cécile’s stand-up at our kick-off of the mentor program in January 2024. The audience consisted of 50 participants from all over the world. Some of them lived in Norway for many years, and others had recently arrived, but everyone could relate to the topics Cécile raised in her jokes. Cecile spoke about working culture, raising children, dating, and free time in a respectful but very insightful way. She pinpointed the features of Norwegian culture in a way every expat can relate to. We would strongly recommend Cécile for any intercultural event. 

We had the pleasure of having Cécile as a contributor at our conference Quo Vadis 2023. She delivered an inspiring talk about cultural differences and combines insight and humor in a smart and engaging way. Cécile is well prepared and delivers tailoring. She can be highly recommended!

Cécile Moroni leverer varene! Hun er supermorsom med et gøy skråblikk på vår væremåte og kultur – sett med franske øyne. Hun er i tillegg smart, behagelig, løsningsorientert og tilgjengelig. Jeg gir min varmeste anbefaling.

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