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Impactful Laughter helps people work better together

Do you need to boost motivation, increase job satisfaction and speed up your operations? Do you want to create and reinforce a healthy corporate culture and working environment?  

Does your company need to support management in small or large changes, improve communication, cross-functional collaboration or increase intercultural understanding?

Cécile creates a tailor-made program to help you achieve your goals.

With her solid and broad management background and a good dose of humor in her stand-up style, Cécile delivers professional messages that strike a chord with everyone. She stands out with her infectious energy and her warm way of engaging the audience.

Diversity, inclusion and the importance of intercultural leadership

How can you work effectively with multicultural employees, diversity and inclusion?

Cécile takes her experiences around it as a starting point to come to Norway from France, and what she has seen and experienced in Norwegian workplaces in recent years

Cécile has two master degrees in finance and intercultural leadership and has worked in France, Germany, Switzerland and NorwayShe has experienced first hand how challenging cultural crash can be and is passionate about helping others to make the best out of it

Cécile combines her business and stand-up comedy backgrounds to make you think differently about cultural crash at work.

Champagne & Brunost, a crash course on cultural crash

  • Cultural crash is everywhere at the workplace.Across functions in a company, gender, generations, nationalities or cities. How to cultivate a healthy and value-creating work culture? What does it take to build bridges between people and get everyone involved?
  • In this lecture, you will receive practical tips and simple tools for working intelligently and effectively with diversity and inclusion, despite various types of culture crash. With a lot of inspiring and fun elements.

This speach gives

  • - Inspiration around cultural understanding and a boost in commitment and motivation

    a toolbox for building a stronger and inclusive work culture

    simple tips for bridging all types of culture crash

    a good laugh

This speach is a blend of education and business stand-up. It is well suited for both international and Norwegian companies and can be combined with workshops and team building.

Super happy to have been invited to TEDx Trondheim in Nov 2023 to share my research and perspectives about diversity, inclusion, intercultural management and more specifically the future on foreign women leaders in Norway!
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