Teambuilding & Workshop


  • High performing and healthy work culture (across nationalities, functions, genders, generations or personality types)
  • Change management, culture shaping and common vision
  • Motivation and goal achievment


  • Ad'hoc purpose, scope, number of iterations and duration based on customer's need and working hypotheses
  • Customized for small and big groups
  • Throughout dialog and final adjustments before the event

Impactful Laughter helps people work better together

Do you need to boost motivation, increase job satisfaction and speed up your operations? Do you want to create and reinforce a healthy corporate culture and working environment?  

Does your company need to support management in small or large changes, improve communication, cross-functional collaboration or increase intercultural understanding?

Cécile creates a tailor-made program to help you achieve your goals.

With her solid and broad management background and a good dose of humor in her stand-up style, Cécile delivers professional messages that strike a chord with everyone. She stands out with her infectious energy and her warm way of engaging the audience.